2008 - 2019

I’m saying goodbye to my best friend. The true love of my life. My helper. My confident. The one who understands me most. The one who allows me to lead a somewhat “normal” life. Those of you who don’t require a Service Dog will never understand the unique bond. The 100 percent that they give you. All of the time. Because they love you more than themselves. They push. They work. You love them like no like no other dog you’ve ever had. But you know when they tell you without words, that they are tired. They have given all they can give. I cannot be selfish. I love him too much. My life will be forever changed. So while everyone is celebrating, I’ll be spending my last days with Carson. I left a message with A Gentle Farewell. I hope to hear from them Thursday. He’s ready. These are my favorite photos. There are hundreds. He was a Goodwill Ambassador for every Pitbull out there. We changed minds about the breed. He left his mark. My heart is shattered. 😭💔😭