2012 - 2020

Gracie had the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered. She loved life and knew how to live it to the fullest. She was a giver, a lover, and a healer. She touched so many more lives in her short time on this earth than I could ever hope to. She had the gift of sensing when a person was excited or happy about something and would immediately match that enthusiasm even though she had no idea what you’re excited about. She truly made the world a better place.
She was 8 but in the last 5 years Gracie has beat bloat, fought wobblers, DCM, but her doctors suspect cancer was what ended her fight. Life was in no way fair to her. But not for one minute did that get her down. Even on her last day she was still finding the little joys in life that she could, even though she was suffering.
It seems fitting to end with lyrics from the song she was named after “take my eyes, take my heart, I need them no more. If never again to fall upon the one I so adore...she broke my heart, my Grace is gone. One more drink and I’ll move on” 💕