2019 - 2021

If someone asked me if I could go back would I choose you again, I would tell them yes 1000 times over yes I would choose you forever without a doubt, Sasha you came into my life during a time of great need , you helped me through so much uncertainty and provided me with so much love and understanding,
I wish we could have had years together, years to have more adventures, years to take on the world me and you , years to be a happy family but plans were different and life changed , sasha my baby the short time we had together we had so many good memories and so many happy times for that I grateful to even had as long as I did have with you even if it only was 2 years these two years were the best years of my life because of you, and for that I wanna say thank you.

I held you the first time you came into my life and I held you as you departed my life.

Sasha my pretty girl we love you so much, be free and don't worry about koba we will love him for you and don't you worry about me I'll be fine one day but I'll never forget you.