Tom tom

2019 - 2022

Our Tom.. He was quite the cat, he had a very rough start to life and our family rescued him from a random cat find website. When he was little his snout was to big for his face but he eventually grew to be the most loving and not so graceful cat. We often called him Dracula because his teeth stuck out of his mouth. He had is quirks about him; he was always on his nightly shenanigans like bringing up random items from the basement. We would often wake up to dusting clothes, socks, towels and he even tried to bring up bedsheets. Tom was always such a sweet big brother to our younger cat whom we got solely for Tom to play with. He was often found in bed at bedtime reading with our son. Tom had a very short life, his departure was unexpected and extremely hard. We miss him terribly and still wish we could have done more.