Hinsdale Animal Cemetery


Since 1926 Hinsdale Animal Cemetery has been providing animal lovers of every variety a place to pay tribute to their beloved pets, and helping families find closure. Please accept our invitation to visit one of the oldest, and largest pet cemeteries in the United States. While walking our grounds it is nearly impossible not to feel the unconditional love that animals have given to their owners for the last century. The cemetery is open for visitation 365 days a year, during daylight hours. If you wish to visit us while our office is open please refer to our hours.

If you wish to make burial arrangements, please contact us for details about our cemeteries and burial options.


During late spring and throughout the entire summer we invite all who are interested to come visit our butterfly garden. Many different species of wildflower, and plants attract and support populations of several species of butterflies. Our butterfly garden is a truly beautiful and serene place to surround yourself in nature while remembering your special friend.