baby bao

2022 - 2024

our sweet chunky baby boy Bao passed on 04/24/24. we miss you more and more every minute. it happened so suddenly, i wasn’t expecting to bring an empty box home. I feel so sick with grief and the emptiness i’ve been left with.

everything reminds me of you, i swear i can still hear you jumping to get onto the windowsill or the piano. i keep looking over my shoulder expecting to see you getting into trouble. You were my adventurous little guy.

we were so lucky to have found you at the pet store being sold as snake food in August 2022. You were only meant to live a short life, but you had too much personality to be eaten. you were meant to eat, and that you did. I’m so glad I could give you the long and luxurious life you deserved, but it still didn’t feel like long enough. time flew by and before i knew it, our time was up.

thank you for teaching me to appreciate and love even the smaller things in life <3 thank you for letting me tell people you’re my son. p.s. Your brother Bun ate all the snacks you hid. I hope you don’t mind 💞