2012 - 2021

Bandit, thank you for the nine years you spent with us. I remember the first time I met you, I was twelve years old and had always wanted a puppy. Grandma pulled up the car and I rushed out to see you. I giggled and you woke up out of a sound sleep and ran into my arms. We grew up together, you comforted me during my saddest moments and smiled with me in my happiest ones. You're not just my dog. You're my best friend, my confidant, my protector, my big puppy, and everything in between. Saturday morning as I held your head in my lap, it felt surreal. This life we were living was coming to an end. I looked into your big brown eyes through my tears and hoped you knew just how much I love you. You slipped away in my arms just as you ran into them years before. In the absence of you, I find our memories. Summers spent at the beach, your head sticking out of the sunroof on long drives making passersby point and smile. Your big doggy hugs that could mend any broken heart. Your goofy smile every time you saw us. Secretly giving you the food that I couldn't finish, cozy nights in bed. The list could go on and on. The house feels so empty without you, but my heart will always be full knowing that you made your paw print on my life. You're a good boy. I promise I'll do enough good on this earth to make it up there with you in Heaven. I love you in this life and the next. 🌈🐕🐾