Brisket Thompson

2007 - 2024

Brisket Thompson- June 2nd 2007- April 23rd 2024. (Biggy, Bro bro, briskety, Brisk, biggy boy, big daddy, daddy, daddy cat, bigs, Brisk tisk, Brisket tisket)
Brisket was a brother, father, friend & a lover! Early on in his life he enjoyed laying behind his dad's keyboard all stretched out & just happy to be with his dad. He had a brother and sister who he entered into there life at a very young age as Brisket was just a barn kitten that was ment to be in a loving home. Brisket & his brother Lil'Jon & sis Lil'Momma were always very close. In 2008 he had Asia Maybelle, Yoda Bear, Jimmy hendrix, punky & Mya. He was able to keep Asia & Yoda & his gf tooterbug kept jimmy hendrix & Punky & a friend took Mya. Brisket loved his babies! They always got along. In 2015 a new cat entered his household, Whiskey & he took to being a sweet boy to her & then in 2017, 2 white kitties Remington & ruger came in & early on they loved Brisket & Remingtons love grew very strong to Brisket, That we called them husband and wife! Lol around 2021 we learned brisket had a heart defect but it never slowed him down or stopped him. & then shortly after he was dx with kidney disease & a seizure disorder which we medicated and kept became seizure free. More recently he was dx with thyroid issues and also went on meds for them. Even though he had all these challenges it never slowed him down! He would still occasionally play for a few minutes he loved laying above his dad on the couch at night & during the day he enjoyed laying with his mom on the couch with his "wife cat" lol Remington. He enjoyed all the bathes she would give him & snuggles, but at times also would get annoyed. Lol BRISKET WAS such a chill boy. All his life he was very laid back & loved people! Anyone who came over was greated by Brisket. We tried to give Brisket the best life we could! In the end he got a bad uti/kidney infection & did 3 weeks of antibiotics but after finishing them he still didn't seem to shake... we tried more antibiotics but it really took over & we knew it was only best to do what was right by him. Brisket will be missed very deeply! & always be thought about & known as the most kick A$$ cat there is!
RIP SWEET BOY! WE WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU! see you on the other side!