2005 - 2019

“I had to say goodbye today.”
By Joanne Kerfonta

I had to say goodbye today to a heart made of pure gold,
My Corey boy takes with him a piece of my heart & soul.
I know that age comes quickly and that the times we had were pure,
I did the right thing for my boy, of this I’m very sure.
Through years of life with this sweet soul, we accomplished many things.
He taught me that a well-loved dog gives you joy that nothing else brings.
Therapy dog work was his forte and my heart rests in the thought,
That because of the folks he visited there, in heaven he will be sought.
So my sweet boy go run and play and be happy and pain free.
Live in heaven among those you love until the day you can again be with me.
Love and miss you already…………..