2007 - 2020

Ghillie, Ghill, Ghill-Ghill, Ghillster, Ghilligan, Ghillmeister, Ghillskies, Babesies, The Wonder Dog, The Surprise, The Dog in the Window, Mayor of Crafton, The Happy Dog…
We miss your morning walks with Daddy. We miss you laying at Mommy’s feet in the kitchen. We miss you napping with Tommy in the hallway after a long day of work. We miss you sitting with Katie at the top of the street. We miss your loving eyes and bright smile. We miss it all.
We hope you’re enjoying being spoiled by angels and family members. Know that we can’t wait see you again one day.
You will forever be our guiding light. You gave us more than we ever deserved, and we love you more than you will ever know.