2008 - 2019

My sweet Honey girl, aka Mister Honey. You were an amazing super fur girl who would do what it took to protect us. Even thou your courage was far from it, you stood your ground till (other dogs) came closer, unless it was a cat!! You were hard to get to know being a rescue puppy but once you let us in, you actually rescued us. We will always have stories to tell as you grew, the one where you buried your sisters shoe in the cat litter box (he he), and your memories will last us till we meet you on the rainbow bridge one day and start new ones! You have taught us to love, laugh and be strong as you were during your sickness, we will forever be in our hearts, a special place we have for you! There won't be an adventure I wont go on without thinking how much fun it will be if you were still here. Till we meet again ol girl, know that momma loves you and misses you 💋Thank you for loving us❤
PS I will bring "treats" with me!!