2013 - 2023

Raffi the cat was an amazing companion. His personality was so unique and bubbly and different than any cat, and he happily fit right in with his dog brother Dexter. Anyone who met Raffi understood immediately that this cat was special, and he was an incredible ambassador for his species.

He was brought in as a kitten 91/2 years ago, and has moved multiple times, never gave any grief. He had been through all of the ups and downs in life, purring and ready for the tightest of snuggles.
We miss him so so much, but if there’s one reassuring thing, it’s that we never took for granted a single day with him. We knew how lucky I was and I told him every day he was the best.
When we saw him off, we knew that he knew we tried everything to save him, and would have traded places with him if we could. He's at peace now and we will miss him everyday.