Teddy schultz

2005 - 2018

When we found you at the shelter we knew you were the one! You were spunky, sneaky and SO darn adorable! Thank you for being the best pet for our family. Loving on our children and us And never leaving our side. I hope that the Ramen noodles you got into were good! All of the food to consumed off our plates while we weren’t looking tasted amazing!
We miss you helping us luck the plates as we put them into the dishwasher. Miss the sound of your paws and we miss the cuddles..... especially Mallory! She loved to cuddle with you!
Please meet us at the bridge when it is our time to go. Until then, watch over our family. We will continue to look for the signs that you are still with us.
We love you Teddy❤️
Your loving family