Thumper (AKA Thumpie)

2011 - 2022

Thumper came into my life as a sweet baby initially as a pet for my daughter. I have always loved bunnies since I was a young girl but never really had one of my own. I quickly fell in love with her soft fur, perky little personality and snuggles. To say we bonded is putting it mildly. I carried around the house with me anytime I could. She was a chewer and she definitely left her mark on our woodwork, which now these are small reminders that she was here. She taught me a lot about bunnies, such as how fragile they could be but yet how resilient they can be, when they are loved. Thumpie should have died several times over again. She once was spooked when being cared down the staircase of our home and she jumped out of daughter's arm and landed on our ceramic tile. Amazingly, she didn't even break a bone. Another time, she choked on a dried carrot the manufacturer's put in the hay to encourage them to eat it. I never felt so helpless as I watched her choking on it, when all of a sudden her little body dissolved it and it ran out her nose. Prayers do work, that is all I can say. She suffered GI Stasis at least 2 times a year, which sent us to the ER during the middle of the night many many times and cost us thousands of dollars over 10 years. Ask me if I would do it again, and I would tell you, yes in a heartbeat. She knew her name and came to me when I called her and told her to come get her "breakfast." She liked to play cards with me, which she pulled and tossed. When I cleaned up her area and would put down new blankets, she had to be right in there with me, and I swear she tried to help put down the blankets and spread them out with me. She would give kisses on demand and even when she just felt like it. She loved sitting in my arms at night and sleep for hours. She often would dream in my arms and there were times both of her eyes were almost entirely closed, which rabbits typically don't do. When she wanted my attention, she would lick my ankles or dig at my pants bottom until I would pick her up. She loved to play games with me and get me to chase her.

I miss the sound of her little feet on the floor, or her chewing on her bed or stick of wood, or chewing her food. I miss the softness of her little head and the feel of her heart beating against my chest. She was my sweet girl who needed me as much as I needed her. I would do anything to have more time with her. I am truly lost without her. She took a large piece of my heart with her when she passed. We needed each other and we loved each other. She was just a precious gift from God and I am so grateful he sent her to me to begin with. I pray we will be reunited for eternity.