2012 - 2024

Dear Walle
You were taken from us too soon, but we are so thankful for the 13 years of joy that you brought us. When Jiwon first told us she was getting a dog, she was ecstatic to have found you. You came from a line of show dogs, and just like your grandfather, you were the most beautiful dog we have ever seen. I will miss studying with you sitting on my lap. Mom and Dad will miss sneaking you into restaurants in your little dog purse. We still can’t believe how quiet and calm you were… you never once popped out of the doggie bag. Everywhere we took you, people would comment on how cute you were and say they wanted to hold you. Although you were initially a little unfriendly to strangers and would even try to “hunt” little children, you mellowed out in your later years. You were always so sweet to each and everyone in our family. We will miss snuggling with you and the warmth from your furry body and hearing your random snorts. You brought us so much joy, peace, and healing at a time when life was so hard for us. We will never be able to repay you. Thank you so much, and we hope you are in doggie heaven, eating to your heart's content and with your original owner. Until we all meet again.

Love, Mom, Dad, Matt, Hannah and Eugene