Our Beloved Loki

When we lost our Loki, our vet asked us if we wanted to cremate. I have always cremated all my fur babies and I was happy to learn Trusted Journey Pet Memorial Services provided services that our vet took care of for us. Although we were grieving over her, we were happy to receive Loki in a beautiful blue urn with a condolence letter from Trusted Journey Pet Memorial Services. We also received a plaque of her little footprint and some seeds to plant in her honor. A grievance pamphlet was also included to help us through the process of losing our beloved family member. Thank you Trusted Journey Pet Memorial Services for show such loving care to our Loki and understanding our loss.



We got our loving Franzibear back today. A fine sense of peace restored me to sanity when holding my babies ashes. The bag holding some of his fur I put in his little urn.
He sits on a table looking outside like he always did.
Thank you to all the folks at Trusted Journey Pet Memorial Services. Denise I can't thank you enough. You took care of Franzi as if he was your own.. Thank you again.



Thank you so much for the cremation of my Beloved Bear. The Cherry Urn is beautiful. I will plant a special flower bed with the flower seeds you have me in Bears honor. I had asked my vet if Bear could be cremated individually, not sure if that was shared with West Farm crematory or not. But hopefully some of his ashes are in the earn also.

Bear Baginski

our beloved max

We just received our private cremation ashes of our dog Max. We did not expect the beautiful wooden cherry box with his remains along with an inscribed plaque with his name. We also truly appreciate Max's paw print. It is a keepsake that we will have forever. It meant a lot to have him returned to us in such a beautiful way. Thank you
for your care and compassion.


Our beloved Honey girl

Thank you for taking such good care of our sweet Honey girl. As hard as it is to make a choice of our loved fur babies, she came back to us in a beautiful wooden box with a sympathy card and seeds to remember her by, my heart was content knowing she is at her final resting spot, next to us. Thank you are words that cannot describe the grateful gratitude I personally can say as my expectation far exceeds how she was returned to us. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do so that others can have that same peaceful experience as I had.

Sara Noonan ( Travis)

Pets are special family

Our Vet highly recommended your services saying, " if you want the best private cremation this is who you want to do it." This was a very heart breaking moment for us and just eight days later we had to use your services again. Bringing our Joey back home was very comforting. We now are waiting for Twinkles to come home. Thank you for making this painful moment in our lives just a little more comforting
Dennis Mahan


Gracie ann Ortman

We just wanted to thank you so very very much for taking such good care of our cat Gracie you did a great job with her cremation we dearly miss her and love her so much our hearts are broken. Thank you the Ortman family

Vicki Ortman, Jan 2019